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The Making of Street Spice Food Truck

Sparking up the flair of International Street food on the move, Street Spice Food Truck was designed to project an urban flair with hi-definition bricks, painted asphalt roadways, limeskin swoosh outlines, and overhanging street lamps. Featured within the broken out bricks and in vivid color is the downtown Charlotte skyline, bringing a natural warmth to the truck on both sides. The wheels, mirrors and other accents were painted with Synergy Green paint and clear coating, and the top covered with Apple Orchid green to complement the entire design.

Lastly, the International Sliders font style was custom-created and took over 10 hours alone to complete with multiple layers of extrusion, synergistic linear outlines, and outer glows to match the vehicles green underflow led system.

Owners Brooke Barber and Darel Daniels are geared up to launch their new Signature Designed Food Truck offering the finest in International Sliders destined to delight foodies everywhere.